Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Announcing the 7th Annual Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle

Today, July 5th, signifies the start of a dream, the launch of the 7th Annual Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle. That means we have had 6 years of awarding our GRAND PRIZE, giving away cars, sending people on dream vacations, luxury stays in Orange County, cash, magic, fun and so much more!

Please refer to our website for all the details regarding the 2011 Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Congratulations to Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin of Yorba Linda California is the 2010 Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle grand prize winner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Day to Buy Your Ticket

Today is the last day for you to purchase your ticket to the Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle. Have you decided what you would do when you win yet? The home or the cash?

If you have already purchased a ticket earlier in the raffle, you can still purchase an additional ticket today to count for the multi ticket drawing for the Toyota Prius and Dream Vacations.

Today is also the last day to encourage your friends to buy a ticket. Make sure they give us your name so you both are eligible for $10k and a ton of other cool prizes, including an IPad and Wyland Art.

It's really easy to spread the word. Share our links on Facebook. Retweet us on Twitter. Email your friends our website.

This is your best chance to make $1 million before the end of 2010. You can also feel good about your purchase, knowing that it goes to support the 110,000 school children that come through the doors of the Ocean Institute every year.

Give us a call in the office. We'll be here till midnight! 949-542-3600.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Hey Bloggers!

It's been awhile... I'm sorry about that. But are you ready? I mean, ARE YOU READY?

That's right, you heard correctly. The final deadline to purchase your chance at $1 million in cash is coming up quickly. October 20th? Can you believe it.

Well in honor our quickly approaching deadline, we've got some things to tell you about. So once more I will ask you? Are you ready? Because I am, and I'm about to REVEAL the details to you...

You have until WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 6 to ask your kid, what would you do with $1 million dollars? That's it! Just ask your kid that, and before your ask your kid, whip out your flip, iphone, camera, or whatever your film media is these days, and video tape your kid's response. Then send it over my way to rgomez@ocean-institute.org. You should want to do this for many reasons, but let me make a list of the top 3.....
#3 It will be, undoubtedly hilarious
#2 We are going to make a compilation video of our favorite answers, and the winners will get a free spot in an OI 2011 Summer Camp ($250-$300 value)
#1 The winner's parents will also receive a ticket in the Laguna Beach Million Dollar Home Raffle!

Yeah that's right, all for taking a 10 second video, you could win, a sidesplitting burst of laughter, a week of parental bliss while your child is learning, and having fun during the summer, AND be the winner of $1million.... so cool right?

Do it. Do it right now. What are you waiting for?

So what if you're reading this blog and thinking, "but Rachel, I don't have a kid, not even one that I can borrow for 10 seconds to make a funny video of." Well to you, I say, grab a friend over 21, and head down to OI on Friday October 8 at 6pm. We're going to par-tay! Network! and Mingle!

There's going to be live music, cocktails, and yummy food. We're doing this event so none of you can ever say again, "oh, I've heard of that Ocean Institute place, it's where the pirate ships are, right?" No! Those are OUR ships! And We're the best place in South Orange County! Hands down! I have free complimentary admission on the table for the person that can answer this question.... we've got a friend coming to this party that will be dressed like a cow... give me your best guess!

So did you get all those dates down? I hope! Let me do a quick recap for you....
WEDNESDAY October 6.... last day to submit your "what would you do with a million bucks?" video
Friday October 8... REVEAL event at the OI
Wednesday October 20.... final deadline to purchase your Laguna Beach Home Raffle Tickets

So ready? Go make your videos. RSVP to me. And buy your raffle ticket!

Raffling the Good Life,
Raffle Rachel

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Pizza for LBHR Purchasers

Who doesn't love pizza? Especially when it's free! Bring in your Laguna Beach Home Raffle ticket receipt to Round Table in Dana Point's Ocean Ranch shopping center and receive a free large pizza with your purchase of a large pizza.

Thank you so much to all of our friends and supporters who purchased a ticket prior to the August early bird deadline. All of you will be entered into a to win a grand prize of $15k! And for those of you who purchased 2 or more tickets, one of you will be the owner of a 2010 Toyota Prius. You still have time to tell your friends or purchase additional tickets for the second, September early bird deadline (Sept. 15)!

Okay, I have a bonus question for you... there is a pair of passes to go out on the RV Sea Explorer for the person that can correctly guess what our friend Rafael is looking at, out of the screen shot during the video. Clue: This video was made during the week of July 6.

Raffling the Good Life,
Rachel Gomez

Monday, August 16, 2010

Let the count down begin....

This Week's Offer...

The Anaheim Hilton is offering you a free appetizer at their Mix Lounge and Restaurant, free valet parking when you dine with them, and if you would like to book at stay with them 25% off their best available rate.

Alright guys, we're down to the last 3 days to purchase your tickets to be entered into our first early bird drawing. 3 busy, crazy, hectic days, of speaking with all of our fabulous ticket purchasers. All of you who waited right to the deadline to get your ticket. Anxious with hopeful anticipation that you are the owner of a Toyota Prius, that will be pulling into your new Laguna Beach residence.

For those of you who have purchased at least 1 ticket by this point, you are in an additional drawing for the following prizes: $15k, 5 $1k South Coast Plaza gift certificates, 8 $500 SCP gift certificates, 25 stays at the Anaheim Hilton with Disneyland passes, 25 stays at the Anaheim Hilton with dinning, and 36 $100 Quiksilver/Roxy gift certificates.

If you have only purchased 1 ticket you have through Wednesday to purchase your second ticket` to be eligible for the Early Bird Multi ticket drawing which includes: 1 Toyota Prius, 1 $5k dream vacation, and 2 $5k SCP gift certificates.

Don't worry, if you win a prize in any of the early bird drawings your tickets will go back in for the next drawings. Being a winner will never disclude you from winning again.

So for instance, you win one of the 25 stays at the Anaheim Hilton with Disneyland admission. Not only will you be treated to the new Disney World of Color that would dominate any comparison to a Vegas show, you will get a restful slumber at the lush and contemporary Anaheim Hilton AND your ticket will go back in for the second early bird, and the final grand prize drawing.

Raffling the Good Life,
Rachel Gomez

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mario's By the Sea

I hope that you all are enjoying the raffle offer videos as much as I enjoy making them. I also want to thank all of you who helped with voting earlier this year for the 2010 Telly Awards. Your votes paid off; we're hanging witht he best- CBS, National Geographic, etc. We are in the non-broadcast (those films not yet shown) category and our part of the official event and awards ceremony for the International Blue Ocean Film Festival.

Most prestiously Telly Awards-(2 categories, bronzie, silver) we won 4 silver in the "people's choice" category- my favorite since it is not only selected by the judges but by the public's vote. Silver winnders include, Hewlett Packard, CBS, CISCO, Disney etc. Won 11 in total for 2010, 21 awards in 2 years. If you haven't seen the PSA's yet, you can check them out on our YouTube Channel.

While you are over at YouTube, don't forget to catch up on all your free offers from our Local Community Raffle Partners. You have less than 2 weeks to buy your ticket before the early bird drawing cut off (August 18). This week we are bringing you an offer from Mario's By the Sea in Dana Point.

Raffling the Good Life,

Rachel Gomez